What is the essay proposal argument example free all about?

The target of the proposal paper is to suggest arguments or evidence or idea to convince the reader why the certain idea is bad or good. You might imagine yourself being a salesperson who needs to convince a person to buy a certain thing. In this case, your idea is your product and your professor is your customer. Use these tips and ideas to complete the task. 

Elements of a good proposal essay:

  • Intro. It gives all the background data and necessary details before the reader proceeds in reading further. 
  • Proposal. in this part, you should inform the reader about the proposal. This section should not contain details.
  • Plan of action. Explain how to achieve the proposal in this part. Convince the reader to agree with your ideas. 
  • Conclusion. This is the final part where you have to restate the main point. Make a brief summary of all the ideas represented in a paper. 

Tips for writing a paper:

  • Back up your ideas with pieces of evidence.
  • Utilize credible sources, avoiding unreliable websites, and blog posts.
  • Cite sources you utilized to avoid plagiarism.
  • Show your vocabulary skills and do not overuse some words.
  • Avoid informal speech and slang.
  • Stick to 3-5 main ideas to be developed throughout the essay. 


  1. How may educational television represent science to receive more airtime and funding?
  2. Why are the foreign languages at school necessary for education?
  3. What might be done to master student’s reading comprehension without calling words aloud with no understanding them?
  4. The most successful inventors that were known as the wrong-thinkers in school. Later they were well-acknowledged as being the risk-taking pioneers. So must a teacher provide students the opportunity to learn and fail by making errors?
  5. The current student grade system is flawed, but it might be corrected with the following methods.
  6. Can antidepressant utilizing enhance the suicidal behaviors? Must it be banned or limited?
  7. What must be done to boost the funding for the cancer investigation?
  8. What is the most appropriate way to prevent deaths from drunk driving?
  9. The risks of birth defects are much higher in the test-tube babies. Must couples adopt kids instead of the in-vitro fertilization having?
  10. What must be an efficient program to curb illegal drug utilization?
  11. What might be done to create a more well-rounded curriculum for middle, high school, and college students?
  12. What are the main measures to eliminate alcohol utilizing among adolescents?
  13. How may many parents encourage their kids to do more of the extracurricular activities?
  14. How might kids with the parents who divorced be counseled to do well at school, build their lives and marriages successfully, and have the strongest relationships?
  15. How might parents help kids avoid or deal with bullying at school?

To sum up, to write a proper essay proposal argument, you might utilize all these tips. however, if you feel you are not in the mood of writing the essay by yourself, you can always order a paper online here. Go, buy an essay now!

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