What is a comparison and contrast 2 short stories essay examples for free all about?

To make a long story short, this is a paper that evaluates the differences and similarities between 2 subjects. These subjects might be in the same category, but different. You may compare and contrast 2 various kinds of pets or 2 books from the same time epoch. 

Guide to write an essay

Step 1 – Select your subject

Your 2 subjects might be various but in the same ballpark, to produce a meaningful compare and contrast paper. 


  • Picasso and Modigliani 
  • Salieri and Mozart 
  • Meat-eaters and vegetarians 
  • Mathematically-minded and Humanities-minded 
  • Introverts and Extroverts 
  • Voluntarism and Fatalist 
  • Catholicism and Orthodox 
  • Totalities and Democracy 
  • Generation Z and Generation Y 

Step 2- Generate differences and similarities

Create 2 lists: the one with similarities and the 1 with differences. Note separately traits that differ. Create 2 circles. Keep characteristics of the various subjects parallel.

Step 3 – Hone in the main argument

A good compare and contrast paper goes beyond of simple listing of differences and similarities to create a meaningful statement concerning a larger topic. Define what strikes you as significant when you look at these lists. Create main argument, depending on what the differences and similarities say about the topic.

Step 4- Produce the organizational structure

You might write about each subject in detail. Then you may switch to another. You might also go point by point along with the paper. 

Step 5 – Compose an outline

Cultivate the outline, fitting the structure you have selected. The traditional paper consists of the intro, main body, and conclusion. To give balance to the 2 subjects, you might include 4 body paragraphs. 

Step 6 – Find supporting pieces of evidence

Beginning writing your paper, support your claims with pieces of evidence from personal experience, reading, or research. Explain why certain data matters in your larger argument context.

Step 7 – Use strong transitional words to craft your essay

Make sure the flow from one statement to the next is smooth. You might use such words as “similarly”, “likewise”, or “both”.  To form a contrast, you may utilize such phrases as “on the other hand,”  “nonetheless,” and “whereas”.

Step 8 – Proofread and edit essay carefully

As soon as you finish writing your paper, it is important to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Utilize grammar and spell-check tools. possibly, you might ask your friend to revise your paper and tell whether there are mistakes. He or she might have a fresh look with their eyes to fix all the errors you might have.


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