What are free comparison and contrast essay examples between air pollution all about?

Nowadays, ecology is becoming more and more prevalent in interdisciplinary synthetic sciences which tackle the pressure issue of our times – the study of humankind’s relationship with the environment.  First of all, this is due to the negative environmental repercussions of the anthropogenic factors’ impact on the biosphere of the Earth: environmental pollution, desertification, depletion of the ‘ozone layer’, acid rain, and the greenhouse effect. 

How to select research objects to compare and contrast paper?

Depending on the methodological and theoretical prerequisites, determining the science content, applied and general ecology are distinguished.

Theoretical ecology considers common laws of inanimate and animate nature hile applied ecology is all about the interaction of environment and living organisms.

It is possible to emphasize the ecology of microorganisms, plants, animals, and man. They all rely on common laws of individual components and biosphere relationship. 

Depending on study components and environments, scientists define the ecology of polar zones, geographical units, land, air, water bodies, and more. 

Tips to write a paper:

  • Analyze biological, chemical, and physical parameters of natural systems functioning.
  • Establish life organization patterns related to increasing anthropogenic effect on the natural environment.
  • Compare and research resource conservation issues and environmental management. 

Topics for papers:

Topics for papers
  • Recycling and landfill.
  • Traditional and energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • How may renewable energy be generated cheaply in developing countries?
  • Which steps might be taken to protect endangered wildlife?
  • Is using paper really a better solution than plastic?
  • The reasons for global warming.
  • The pros & cons of fracking.
  • Must cities strive to be fully independent of fossil fuels?
  • What is the best way to prevent the hunting of elephants that is illegal?
  • The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill thirty years later.
  • Overfishing, how may it be stopped?
  • Is GMO safe?
  • Compare & contrast 2 forms of renewable energy.
  • Strategies for protecting the ozone layer.
  • Rising acidity levels in the oceans.
  • How to restore the Great Barrier Reef?
  • Finding a balance between environmental and business regulations.
  • Biomass & plant biofuels.
  • Must gas-powered vehicles be phased out in favor of completely electric?
  • The impact of the harvesting of palm oil on the planet’s wildlife.
  • Protecting animals & industry: May there be a certain compromise?
  • Must greenhouse gasses be forbidden?
  • How to combat air pollution in California?
  • Where must storing be spent the nuclear fuel?
  • How may airplanes be done to be more eco-friendly?


All things considered, writing a comparison and contrast essay on air pollution, you would better perform good research. Try to add as many facts and statistics to prove your thesis statement. 

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