Some ways to cite an interview in APA format

Have you ever read any other work that has caused you admiration? Have you considered how the authors achieved this level of professionalism? Did you want to become the same professional? You can also reach this level.

You are busy with research, and at some point, you realize that it is not complete enough. You are missing some information. And you can’t just find this information on Google. So, you only have one way out is to consult a specialist who would fill in the gaps in your research. This conversation with a specialist will be called an APA-style interview.

APA format interview: what is it?

Scientific work often requires formatting in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA). To avoid plagiarism in the essay, the paraphrased or quoted information should be appropriately provided in the text.

How to put the interview in the text properly 

Explorations on search engines for tips on how to write such an interview do not produce the desired result? Any explanations seem fuzzy? We’ve put together some simple rules to help clarify this and help you with your APA interview. 

So, you have gathered all the necessary material and interviewed. Now you can start writing all the research.

  1. Start the process of writing your paper with an outline
  2. Clearly define and follow the purpose of your article
  3. Like any other work, start your paper with an introduction and write a conclusion
  4. Explain the reason for inclusion in your work the interview
  5. Proceed to the main paragraphs of your essay
  6. Cite your expert correctly: f you have a conversation on the phone, specify this
  7. Take a look at your work as a whole. Correct the errors
  8. Make sure you comply with all APA standards in your document

And keep in mind that the content of an APA interview should be appropriately included in your research, according to its writing style. Students, researchers, and professionals use this guideline:

  • the most suitable font is the Times New Roman, 12 size
  • page margins – 1 inch
  • double line spacing
  • indent each new paragraph – ½ inch
  • interview information should be given in parentheses immediately after your transfers or direct quotes
  • use for the APA title page the regular formatting guidelines (font and margins); add full paper title, name of the author and institutional affiliation 

Remember that your interview shouldn’t be included in the reference page. Only the works and sources that can be found anywhere should be listed there. In such case, an in-text citation is sufficient. 

Some free samples

free samples

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