Reflective interview essay: helpful advice for beginners

Did you get an assignment in college – writing a reflective interview essay? Let us give you advice – discover how to write this type of work because this knowledge will help in the future no matter what field of job you choose after graduation. The ability to formulate questions correctly to find out the information you need will be useful in many life circumstances.

Now, briefly on where to start and what to consider when writing your essay.

  • First, choose an exciting topic to explore. Dive into this topic and find out what you need to get the project done. And find a person who can fill in the gaps.
  • Formulate a list of questions that would maximize the topic.
  • Choose your essay format (personal, narrative, career, etc.)
  • Match the time and place of the interview with the interviewee.

If you have difficulty understanding the reflective interview essay, you can always rely on the professionals and contact custom writing services. For a small amount, we will bring your ideas to life, communicate with the interviewee, and write a full-fledged reflection paper interview. You can read this wonderful interview essay as an example:

I had the opportunity to interview a fascinating person, a professional who has mastered a vital profession. My interlocutor – Martha – is a nutritionist. Who doesn’t know – nutrition is the science of food hygiene. Specialist in this field studies the interaction of different types of food, the chemical composition of products, the impact of vitamins on the human body to improve health.

Of course, the first thing that interested me was why Martha had chosen such a rare and narrow specialization. It turned out that she was interested in chemistry and biology from school. However, since her school years, Martha has had problems with being overweight. Therefore, she often became the object of mockery from her classmates. Already in adolescence, this became a real problem for Martha and provoked the emergence of a large number of complexes. She couldn’t even admit to her feelings about the guy she liked.

Since then, Martha has made the most crucial decision in her life: to pursue her health and appearance, at whatever cost it might be. And from that day on, she worked on her mind and body. Marta is passionate about the right lifestyle, healthy eating. She attended many courses in dietary science, but later – nutrition. All of this helped her to form her diet correctly, get rid of bad habits. And as a result – to get the body of her dream, to get rid of children’s complexes and finally feel happy. And besides, she has mastered an exciting profession that has become a business of her life and allowed to help others.

Martha, on her own, showed where and how to find the motivation to change the life. And she proved that if you truly want – everything is possible, you just need to set yourself a goal and go to it.

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