Got a task to write an essay interview? This is a very essential skill for many students, regardless of what career you plan to build after university. This develops the skill of asking insightful questions that journalists or TV presenters need. Interview essays are also important for students who plan to work in the HR sphere. Actually, there are a lot of opportunities for people who know how to receive the information they need from other people.

Writing such an essay requires some effort. Everyone can conduct interviews, but not everyone does it really well. Use our best tips to write really awesome paper.

How to write an interview essay

If you’re going to write a good paper, you should know 4 main interview paper types:

Narrative interview paper format

This format doesn’t require just a question and answer. This task involves creating a descriptive story about the interview process. This will help readers understand the basic principles. Of course, you should not provide only theoretical information. This is an essay, not a guide. You can describe your feelings, reactions, insights, ideas that arose during the interview. Otherwise, the structure of the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions is the same as in other student essays.

Leadership format

If you were assigned to such an essay, you need to find someone with good leadership skills. This may be a local businessman, congressman, successful entrepreneur. Keep in mind that such people often have a very busy schedule. Be prepared for the meeting to be rescheduled several times. Sometimes such interviews are conducted by phone or online. In this case, you can record your dialogue to use this file later, during the writing process. When dealing with such a person, ask about how he or she defines leadership. You can also prepare other questions based on your goals.

Career format

Your interview essay is the best opportunity for future HR managers. You can use two approaches, for example, talking to a person who got a specific job. You can also conduct an interview with the HR manager. In the first case, you ask a few questions about how they got the position. In the second case, you will receive information about the characteristics that candidates need. They can also provide you with their positive or negative experiences connected with the hiring process. Combine this information in the career interview essay.

Personal interview essay format

This is the most common format. You ask your interlocutor not to tell the whole story, but to answer some questions. The answers will help you understand the thinking of this person, worldview, experience. Traditionally, a personal interview essay begins with background information about childhood. Next, you can go to the data on education, career, personal life. If you chose this person for some reason, you can lead a conversation in that direction.

Writing tips to come up with an essay

You need only 7 steps to craft the paper. Of course, they require huge work, so don’t expect that you will finish your paper in a couple of hours. Don’t procrastinate, just take your pen and start writing. There is your plan to follow:

  1. Come up with a topic. It is important to feel a passion for it. You should also have some knowledge about it, and that your readers are interested in it as well.
  2. Pick the discussion subject. Your topic may be pretty wide, but your interview could not take a whole book. That’s why it is important to choose one subject. It should be interesting, relevant, and perspective.
  3. Do some research. Of course, you have some knowledge, but it is not enough. You should glean more insights about your discussion subject. It is also important to read some different opinions that will help you to build the whole picture. If you are going to interview the person about one’s life, you should be well prepared. Read articles, other interviews, some forums, etc. Write down all the thoughts that come into your mind.
  4. Draft a list with questions. Don’t expect that this is your final version. It is possible that you start to write and understand that some questions are not so necessary.
  5. Meet the person you are interviewing. Discuss this topic with him, ask your questions. If you understand that talking requires more questions, ask them. You may suddenly move on to another topic. Unpredictability is a frequent part of the interview.
  6. Create an outline and make notes. Structure your interview essay and write down all the questions with answers.
  7. Proofread the paper. It is an important part of the writing process because you can correct some mistakes, and make your essay flawless.

Interview essay examples free

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Buy an interview essay

Some students consider writing an interview essay to be a challenging task. This is normal if you do not have enough skills or time to prepare this paper. If you need a good grade, you can take advantage of professional help. It can be done online these days. Just place your order on the website of the writing service, indicate all the requirements from your professor, and pay for the order. You will receive your paper on time.

All you need to know about the interview essays

What are the main features of the writing process?

You will find the 7 steps above that may come in handy. The writing process is much like writing any other type of essay. The main difference is that you use not only your opinion in the paper. You are having a dialogue with another person. Therefore, the final paper largely depends on what kind of person it is. But you should learn to work with different people, both interesting and not so. Be prepared for the fact that your first essays will not be the most successful. But using professional advice and reading more samples, you will learn how to write really good essay interviews.

Do I need an interview paper sample?

In fact, you can use any interview as an example. There are many good student examples on the Internet. But you can also read the texts of various popular interviewers. Just do it not like an ordinary reader, but as a professional. Use a notebook and take notes to emphasize useful information or your own insights. By reading other people’s interviews, you can come up with new questions for your paper.