How to write a comparison and contrast essay point by point examples free?

Students enjoy writing compare and contrast papers because they live a room for creativity. Such essays let you express your ideas regarding contradictive problems. It is fun to draw a parallel between 2 objects or people instead of describing one certain problem. 

However, this kind of paper is not easy to complete. 

How to write a compare and contrast paper?

This type of essay should be written in a different way if compared to other academic tasks. However, the structure of such paper is traditional. In includes:

  • Introduction. Begin your essay with an interesting and capturing hook. Outline your topic. Define the main claim of the topic that is called thesis statement. Include the 1-2 sentences with it in the last part of the intro paragraph.
  • Developing your arguments. Conduct research on your topic to select 3-5 claims. Include pieces of evidence, supporting each argument. 
  • Refuting opponent’s arguments. Find the facts, contradicting your thesis. It is necessary to select, at least, 1 example and create a paragraph with a counter-argument. Jot down a maximum of 2 opposing views. 
  • Conclusion. Restate your thesis in this section. Summarize the main arguments but do not add any new data here.  

Topics for College Students:

  1. School versus College: Which One Is New?
  2. Students Who Work & Unemployed Students: Who Must Take the Best of The Life?
  3. Research Paper & Essay: What Is Rather More Responsible?
  4. The American English versus British English: The Major Differences.
  5. What Makes The Education & Employment Similar?
  6. The SAT & TOEFL: The Main Differences & Similarities.
  7. How Are The Master’s Degree & Ph.D. different?
  8. Persuasive & Argumentative Essay: Different or the Similar.
  9. Traditional Education & Remote Learning?

History and Political Topics:

History and Political Topics
  1. Comparison of Lincoln’s & Washington’s Ideas.
  2. Renaissance versus Baroque Epoch.
  3. Anthropology versus Religious Studies.
  4. American Government versus The Soviet Government.
  5. US President versus The  UK Prime Minister.
  6. North & South Before the Civil War in the USA.
  7. Henry VIII versus King Louis XIV.
  8. Fascism & Nazism: The Different or the Similar One?
  9. World War I & World War II: The Difference in Events.

Topics for Beginners:

  1. Compare Apple & Orange.
  2. Night Time & Day Time: The Advantages Of Each Period Features.
  3. What Makes People Be Completely Different If Compared To Animals?
  4. Living in Poverty & Being Rich.
  5. Coffee & Tea: The Impacts of Both.
  6. Living in Big City versus Staying in Village.
  7. Feeling Sad & Feeling Lonely.
  8. Differences & Similarities between The American & British Traditional Dishes.
  9. Camping in the Woods versus Resting by the Sea?

Opposite Things Topics:

  1. Females & Males.
  2. Coke versus Pepsi.
  3. Red versus White.
  4. The country in War Compared to The Country in Peace.
  5. Driving a Car & Riding a Bus.
  6. Love & Hatred.
  7. Bad & Good Aspects of The Overwork.
  8. Moon & Sun.
  9. Dolls versus Soft Toys: What Must Parents Buy to The Kids?


To conclude, it might be rather complicated and overwhelming to write a comparison and contrast essay. However, if you follow the recommendations mentioned above, you will succeed. Nevertheless, if you need some help, you can always use our writing service and earn the highest grade. It is up to you which way to choose.

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