Free sample statement of purpose: Supply Chain Management

Writing your personal statement correctly will help graduate admissions panels get to know you. It demonstrates your experience and understanding of the purpose of education. Write down how important this education is to you and what opportunities it can give you. As this specialty requires managerial qualities, we recommend writing an essay without unnecessary verbosity, expressing your thoughts clearly, and, if possible, explaining them. Try to focus on those of your personal qualities and life orientations that align with the fundamental postulates and principles of the college. For better understanding, we’ve written a free personal statement resume for you.

From a very young age, my father often took me to work on his development and construction company. He started to build this company when I was born. Throughout his life, my father continues to develop it, investing in his soul and titanium work. My father has always been a role model for me. He showed and talked about how the company works, how to communicate with people, and what are the basics of coordinated work. I always knew that to achieve something, I had to work hard – if not with my head, with my hands. Therefore, I studied well in school, often went to competitions in economics and mathematics. We even twice won the regional championships in 2015 and 2017. Last summer, I got a job working for my dad’s company as a client manager. This work was more interesting than I thought. It made me learn a lot. There I have applied my knowledge and skills that I have already gained at university. My task was to calculate the cost of the works, to complete their planning with the involvement of the necessary equipment, and to control the execution of the works. It was often required to follow 2 -3 orders at the same time. Honestly speaking, this business has suited me over these few summer months. I am used to working hard, and I think your college will give me the knowledge to help expand our family business through more efficient cost-sharing, staff expansion, and quality of work. I can only achieve this by continuing my education. I need to be able to study at your college and become a good supply chain specialist.

The current period of development of the world economy is accompanied by a radical expansion of borders due to the integration processes of enterprises in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management is the basic concept of supply chain management in today’s economy. Each product has a unique supply chain. Thus, the supply chain in our company begins with cement and ends with the overlapping of houses and finishing work inside. The supply chain describes the entire route of materials that they go from start to finish. Along the way, substances can pass through raw material suppliers, manufacturers, proofing operations, linguistic centers, intermediary operators, transportation companies, wholesalers, retailers, and many other services and participants. 

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