So, your goal is to get a place in graduate school. This is a great chance for students who want to build a successful scientific career. As the main part of the application process, an essay for graduate school is similar to an essay for a college or undergraduate program. In this case, your approach should be more strategic.

When you write an essay on admission to graduate school, you need to reveal your personality. This is a paper about intentions, goals, your values. You should focus on events over the past life that formed your personality, as well as on your academic and professional goals. Write why the graduate school will help you reach them.

We are ready to provide you with useful tips to help make your essay truly outstanding. You will also find a good free sample essay for graduate school admission below. Remember that you have someone who has your back!

Sample essay for graduate school admission for your inspiration

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What you should write about in an essay for graduate school admission

Essay requirements vary from program to program. Most often, students asked to write one or two pages. Here are some important questions you can provide answers to:

  • Describe a situation where you have overcome challenges / shown leadership skills / learned useful lessons from an unsuccessful situation / faced ethical issues
  • How will this degree help you at the moment of your life?
  • What are your goals for the coming year?
  • What are your plans for the next 5 years?
  • What achievement in your life are you most proud of?
  • Write about some work experience that had an impact on you.

Also, the school may ask you to provide arguments on why you chose this particular program.

Sample essay for graduate school admission writing tips

Writing an essay is not the easiest process. But this task becomes more difficult when it comes not only to a good grade. When it comes to graduate school, you should be as attentive and concentrated as possible. You should be confident enough, but not brag about your achievements. Show your interest in the program, but not too much. It is very important to show your identity, character, other personal features that form your personality.

Here are some tips to help you write a good paper and impress admission officers:

Stay specific

When you write an essay, you need to focus on a specific academic area. Use examples from your life for this purpose. Do you remember the moment you understood what you want to do? How can this graduate school help you achieve your goals?

Show your interest

You are trying to show the admissions committee what kind of person you are. These are not only academic successes but also your interests and life values. Show how your field of study makes you passionate. Why are you interested in developing this direction? Why do you want to contribute? What challenges attract you? Use the attention-grabbing opening to impress admission officers.

Understand your audience

Surely you are applying for several graduate programs at the same time. Each of them has its own characteristics. Therefore, you should make sure that your essay is adapted to each of the schools. You cannot send the same paper for all programs. Learn the features of each one, highlight the advantages and attractive sides for you. Also note that each school has its own values, which you are expected to meet. If you do, mention it in your paper.

Stand out from the competition

How are you different from other students who have the same goals as you? When considering possible topics for a school personal statement, think about a story that is just yours. Remember that there are hundreds and thousands of other students who could win a scholarship. All of them faced the loss of loved ones, betrayal, volunteer work. So think about what you can offer unique.

Be relevant

Everything changes a lot these days. There are many “eternal” topics for essays, such as foreign languages, travel, internships. But it will be great if you mention something really important in your essay. For example, a feminist movement or quarantine due to a coronavirus. The main thing is that this is relevant to the issue of your essay.

Explain the gaps

Your essay should not reflect your college or university academic performance and other achievements. The selection committee already has the necessary documents. But you can explain to them some points that may cause them questions. For example, a semester of poor performance or negative test results. Do not rush to make excuses, but think about what explains this. So you add a more personal story and help the committee understand you better.

Topics for your graduate school personal statement

Without a doubt, an essay for graduate school is of great importance. Fortunately, many schools make recommendations by publishing tips for candidates. But if this is not enough for you and you want to get some good ideas for your essay, read on:

  • Academic achievements. Write about your knowledge and achievements. You should not list what is already mentioned in your CV, but you can provide a wider context.
  • Research experience. Many students take part in research during their studies. This is a good bonus for your essay.
  • Internships and work experience. How did this affect your personality? Did it push you to graduate school? How?
  • Personal philosophy. Write an autobiographical essay about your family, friends, study, interests. What shaped you?
  • Advantages and disadvantages. What qualities do you perceive as your trump card or, on the contrary, an anchor? How does this affect your career?

Leverage the professional essay writing help

Documents like an essay for college, university, or graduate school admission are important. They determine how you will spend the next few years and whether you will obtain the desired degree. Therefore, you should approach this with great responsibility. If you understand that your writing skills are low, you cannot take the risk and send bad paper.

Another reason to take professional help is lack of time. Surely you have a list of a dozen schools that interest you. Each of these programs requires thorough research on the requirements and preparation for writing an essay. Therefore, you may not physically have time to prepare a good paper for each of the programs. But professional writers will do it for you. You can be sure that they will comply with all the requirements, use the correct formatting, and make the final result simply amazing. If you want your essay to be truly personal, just send your draft or paper ideas to the author. This is guaranteed to help you get a place in the graduate program!

FAQ: The most interesting questions about the paper

What is the grad school writing sample?

This is a paper written by other students or professional writers. In fact, it can be an essay for graduate school admission, which has already been used, or a completely new text written from scratch to help candidates. In any case, this is an exemplary text that can be used for inspiration in writing. It meets the requirements of a particular school or is relatively standard. Such a free sample essay for graduate school admission may not be 100% useful, as schools can change their requirements every year. But the overall structure and approaches will be the same. Therefore, you can use the sample if you want to write a good essay.

How do you write an admissions essay for graduate school?

The first thing you need to do is carefully study the requirements of the school or program. Usually, they contain all the basic tips that will help you prepare the paper. Next, you need to collect all the information and structure it. You need to create an essay outline that will help you not to lose the right direction. We do not recommend you to procrastinate because s soon as you start writing, you will not be able to stop. You may need to write some drafts. Some of them will be frankly weak but using paragraphs from them, you will prepare a good final version.

What are the main requirements for the master’s essay?

Each school has its own history, learning features, values. They, of course, affect the list of requirements for potential students. Many candidates can be truly worthy, with good grades and other successes. But this will not help them get the desired place. That is why the basic requirements relate to the essence of the essay. Surely you will be offered several questions, the answers to which you must submit in a detailed form. Or you can choose your topic for the paper, but follow the directions that the school has outlined. Also, requirements may include the number of pages, formatting style, using certain sources, etc.

How long should a grad school personal essay be?

As we have already mentioned, each school puts forward its requirements for the volume of the essay. Therefore, on the Internet, you will not find the only correct answer, even if you read good examples of essays. Usually, this is 1-2 pages, but there may be other options for short and long papers, depending on the topic, the number of questions, and other details.