Free four paragraphs of compare and contrast essay examples

What is a compare and contrast essay

A contrast and comparison essay is an essay that deals with the similarities and the differences between two entities. This type of essays can analyze the emphasis on similarities or differences or deal with similarities and differences. The content decision depends on the compare and contrast essays’ topics. You give us your topic and our writers start to work. Then we provide you with free four paragraphs of compare and contrast essay examples. You check it, prove and we continue to write the rest of the compare.

A contrast and comparison essay example, we provide, is not just about discussing the differences and/or similarities between the things. The essays are expected to highlight one or both of the topics and show that one is better than the other. A compare and contrast test could also lead to a new way of seeing something.

Contrast essay outline

There is a methodic, our essay writing service uses for contrast and compares essay writing.

Understand the title correctly

You should always have a good understanding of the title before you start writing essays. Comparison and contrast essay can essentially consist of three types of questions. Some topics may only ask for similarities and others for differences. Some subjects may require compare and contrast.


The next step is to collect information. We write down all the characteristics, qualities or attributes of each thing – similarities and differences. After noting all the qualities or attributes, we select the most important ones.

Organization of the essays

Before our writers start writing the essay, they need to decide how to organize it. There are several ways to organize a contrast and comparison test.

Writing the introduction of the essay

Our compare and contrast essay sample usually includes the introduction part. It should introduce the two subjects or subjects that will be compared and contrasted. In contrast and compare essay examples we mention which aspects or areas will be covered in the essay. We can also specify what you are going to do in the essay – will we only present the differences or look from both sides.

Body of the essays

Since we have already decided on the structure of the test, it will not be difficult. If we use a point-by-point structure, you can compare different aspects of the two topics separately. If we using subject by subject, we should describe different aspects of a subject, then move on to the next subject.

Contrast essay conclusion

Once our qualified writes have finished writing all the points, they can start to write the conclusion of the essay. The first thing to do is to summarize different points of the essay. Then assess the information and draw a logical conclusion. For example, if they have found that one subject has more positive qualities than the other, they can conclude that the subject is better. However, not all comparison and contrast tests can come to a similar conclusion. Instead of saying that one thing is better than the other, the writer can present another way of looking at these subjects.

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