Every student, regardless of his major, is faced with the need to write an essay. You probably already know that there are several types of essays. They can be argumentative, descriptive, explanatory, critical. One of the most popular student assignments is crafting a compare and contrast essay. This paper is different in that you have not one object that you need to present to your readers (for example, an event from your life, a book, a historical moment), but at least two. In this case, you need to compare them, find similarities and excellent ones. This greatly develops imagination and analytical opinion. For example, what do you think the apple and the orange have in common?

Free compare and contrast essay examples

If you have no idea about your future paper, you can use free compare and contrast essay examples for college. Middle and high school students know this task as well. This is a great idea to help you understand the general meaning of the paper, its structure. By reading other people’s work, you can come up with your own. But remember that you should not copy this text or paraphrase. This is considered plagiarism and fraud. If you can’t write a paper, better use professional help to succeed!

Free Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for College

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for College 1Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for College 2

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for High School

Compare and Contrast Essay Example for High SchoolCompare and Contrast Essay Examples for High School 1

Free Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for Middle School

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for Middle School Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for Middle School 1

How to write a compare and contrast essay

When you write an essay, you should consider its specificity. Standard tips for the argumentative or convincing paper will be useless here. Therefore, we have prepared the best ideas for you. If you are writing this essay for the first time, you will succeed with these guidelines.

Regardless of the topic you choose, you need to use the traditional academic structure for the comparison essay.


Start by capturing the attention of your audience. You need an interesting hook for this. First, explain to readers why your topic deserves attention. Sometimes people read only the introduction and understand that the rest of the paper is not interesting to them. Therefore, you need to concentrate on the main point in these few sentences.

The development of your arguments: Body paragraphs

When you think about your topic and do research, you need to choose three main arguments. State the thesis and illustrate it with evidence.

Pay attention that you write an essay of comparison and contrast. This means that you need to find not only arguments but also counterarguments.


Reformulate your thesis statement and draw the main conclusions from your paper. You shouldn’t provide any new comparing or other arguments

Compare and contrast essay writing tips

Our authors have prepared some useful tips for you that will help you not only to write an essay but to make it really impressive!

Choose a good topic

There are 4 main areas for which you can choose a topic. Here they are:

  1. Events: you can choose any two events from a story, a book, a movie, and compare them, finding similarities and differences.
  2. Situations: choose two cases from your life or the lives of your friends.
  3. People or characters: you can choose your own plot. If you like superheroes, compare them in your essay. It is also a good idea to compare some actors, musicians, politicians. It is better to use famous people because your readers know them.
  4. Places: Choose two different places that have something in common. For example, Times Square and Trafalgar Square.

Rely on brainstorming

You need two lists: similarities and differences. Some students prefer diagrams or mind maps. This is what helps you visualize data. Brainstorming is a popular and frequently used technique. But do not underestimate this. Your first ideas may seem commonplace, but the longer you think and concentrate, the better options you come up with for your essay. For example, comparing orange and an apple, it is easy to write that they are round. But is there something more meaningful?

Use interesting transition words

This is what helps you show yourself as a good writer. You can use phrases such as “similar,” “similar,” “on the other hand,” “nonetheless,” “despite.” They will help you to explain your point, to show what you consider to be similar or different.

Find the second pair of eyes

If you have enough time, you can show your paper to parents, relatives, friends. They have other mindset and experience, that means they can provide you with some fresh ideas. It is a good choice to have a second pair of eyes because you should consider your readers’ interests. Ask someone who belongs to your target audience.

Topics you may choose for your essay

It’s not the easiest task to choose the topic for your essay. Some students need a dose of inspiration. We are ready to provide it:

  • Fundamental differences between the college and university
  • Working and resting students: who makes the right choice?
  • What is more difficult to write: an essay or a research article?
  • Which English is easier: American or British?
  • Early pregnancy or conscious parenting
  • Are there any similarities and differences in the SAT and TOEFL tests?
  • Why can distance learning be better than the traditional approach?
  • Big city or village life?
  • Prose or poetry: which is more impressive?
  • What is the similar and different policy of Washington and Lincoln?
  • Nursing program vs medical college
  • What is the contribution of the Baroque and Renaissance to the history of art?
  • American approaches to state governance versus Soviet approaches
  • Family or career: the eternal choice
  • Similarities and the differences between fascism and nazism?
  • Differences and similarities between Spanish and Portuguese cuisine
  • Getting around the city by car or bike?
  • Friendship and love: why do these feelings often mix?
  • Using the Internet from a computer or smartphone
  • Running or yoga: the difference in principle
  • Dogs or cats: do people differ in pet choice?
  • Proper nutrition or constant diet?
  • Classic versus sportswear.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you should choose one of these topics. It would be really great if you find your own. You should be interested in your theme to pay enough attention to it. For example, if you never had any pets, you can’t write about dogs vs cats with real passion. Yes, it is possible to ask your friends, to find some good arguments online, but your readers most likely will understand that you’re not 100% honest with them. So your first task is to think about something you really care about.

Essay writing help: Leverage all opportunities

It’s understandable if you don’t know which essay you need to write and how you can make it perfect. Not all students have good writing skills and are able to organize their thoughts. You can be a terrific mathematician or chemist, but a bad writer. And this is quite normal. Each person has his own talents. We also understand that students face an impressive workload and stress. When you have a huge number of tasks, it is difficult to prioritize correctly. Each order has its own deadline and requires you to be fully concentrated.

What can you do then? If you are worried about your academic performance, you can take advantage of professional help. Just order an essay online from an experienced author who will prepare the paper for you from scratch regardless of the type or the requirements. Just indicate in your application that you want to get comparisons and contrasts of the essay. Also, you can add any other requirements from your professor that will help the writer prepare for you really first-class paper. You will free yourself a lot of time for study or other, more pleasant activities.

FAQ: The most important information about comparison essay

What is a comparison essay?

Actually, it is one of the most common student paper. It does not require any special efforts, but it has some features that you must consider when writing. The bottom line is that you need to select two objects, provide readers with their description, and then a comparison. In this way, you can find common and distinct traits that will form a complete picture of these aspects.

What are the examples of compare and contrast essay?

These are papers written by other students or professional writers. They post them online so that others can read these texts. You can use similar free compare and contrast essay examples to find inspiration to create your own essay. They will help you understand the general structure and meaning of paper.

How do you write a comparison essay?

The writing of this essay is the same as the writing of any other academic paper. The first thing you need to do is decide on the topic. Next, you should do a little research to find the necessary arguments, facts, evidence for your words. You will need to structure them, draw up an essay outline. In fact, if you have a good plan, no matter which section you start first. If you understand well what you will write about, you can start writing even with a conclusion paragraph. Some students prefer this way because then they can create a more structured, understandable, and interesting main part.

How can I order a paper?

The first thing you need to do is choose a professional writing service. Make sure that you understand the terms of cooperation and that the cost of securities is acceptable to you. You can also familiarize yourself with the examples of the authors to make sure that they meet your expectations. If you have any questions, ask their managers in an online chat or via email. Then you can place an application and indicate all your requirements for the essay: topic, number of pages, formatting style, deadline. If you already have your draft, just attach it. The company will select the author after the payment, and you can keep in touch with him or her while working on your essay!