Compare and contrast essay for 7th grade: free tips and examples

First, choose the topic correctly. You need to select things in one category, items that have both common and distinct features, and will be interesting to the reader for comparison.

The next stage is an in-depth study of the things you are comparing. Acknowledge your thoughts with arguments: the more they are, the better impression you will have on the reader.

There are two basic structures for constructing an essay.

The first is a description in the order of each of the things being compared. You describe, in turn, all the pros and cons of something.

Free examples of compare and contrast essay:

 “Gas or electric cars.”

The pros and cons of an electric car are of interest to all potential owners of next-generation vehicles. This type of transport has many indisputable advantages over gasoline cars, due to which their popularity is increasing every year.

Gasoline cars are the most common type of vehicle on Earth. Much cheaper than an electric vehicle. Refueling gasoline cars only takes a few minutes. This type of transportation device is more accessible and widespread. However, it is worth noting that the service and maintenance of the proper condition of such cars are not cheap for the owner.

An electric car is an environmentally friendly, relatively new vehicle that has a minimum of moving parts, making it less breakable. Constructive simplicity minimizes the amount of money needed to service an electric car. The absence of exhausts can effectively reduce the negative impact on the environment and nature.

The second way is to compare things with specific characteristics.

“Electric and gasoline cars: which is more comfortable and cheaper to travel?”

In the last few years, humanity has been seriously talking about environmental disasters around the world. And in civilized countries, familiar to us machines are recognized as harmful to the environment. But despite this, a combustion engine is today considered the most tested installation on vehicles. That is why, with such engines, there are the least problems with long operation.

  • Costs: Of course, an electric car can save its owner’s money during the running period. However, EVs, and especially not new ones, often have battery problems. And the replacement costs the owners as half the cost of the machine itself. An electric car is more expensive when you buy it. However, due to almost free refueling very quickly pay off itself, unlike gasoline cars.
  • Ecology: A significant advantage of electric vehicles is their environmental friendliness. The absence of exhausts can effectively reduce the negative impact on the environment and nature.
  • Service: Gasoline repair shops are more common, they are more affordable, but electric cars are much less likely to fail due to a minimal amount of moving parts.

The future of electric vehicles is obvious and inevitable. Considering a large number of their advantages over ICE-cars, there is a high probability that they will soon replace gasoline cars.

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